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Why is Lucy Lue Organics the best?

Why is Lucy Lue Organics the best?

Lucy Lue is here to offer you timeless newborn essentials, all made with premium organic cotton. We pride ourselves on using fabrics that are easy on the environment, without any of the bad stuff from seed to seam. Our entire line is the perfect blend of style and comfort, and is sustainably and ethically produced. Designed by a Mother, Lucy Lue promises to be sustainable, comfortable, and provide convenience with dressing your new babe.


Lucy Lue clothes are made to be worn, and worn again. To be wrapped and snuggled in. To be soiled, and then washed like new. To be loved and to capture some of your sweetest memories in. Our clothes are made to be passed down!


Shop today to feel the difference that is Lucy Lue Organics! Please, stay awhile and have a look around.

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