Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Bumps in the road... Yet Still I Shall Arrive!

Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Bumps in the road... Yet Still I Shall Arrive!

I think it would be super cool if I blogged about our journey before we officially open our organic baby clothing shop. Just to tell my story about the ups and downs of this endeavor, for all to read. Hopefully I can inspire someone else to keep going and never give up on their dreams. Please keep in mind, we started this journey with absolutely no experience in the fashion world and absolutely no mentorship or industry support from anyone...

Ok, it's almost mid year and we are not at all where I thought we would be. I thought we would be up and running by now! Surely, my faith or promise to myself and family have not wavered, but I am starting to question some things... Should I have opened wholesale accounts with established organic baby clothing shops, just to get my feet wet? Should I continue my day job and do this business on the side? Hmmmm, some things to ponder. But I can't answer any of these questions right now! I don't need anything or anyone to dim my light. 

Noting a few things that I am sure of- I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be able to stay home with my son, and make sure this business has the best start possible. What I don't doubt is that my son will always remember his childhood and how involved both of his parents have been in ensuring he is exposed, cultured, and taught everything a 2 year old could want... need.. and more! It's all about balance and progression at this point, for supporting my family and moving forward, step by step with this business.

Running a business in the fashion world is far more than I ever thought!! Oh geez, you have no idea and I can't even put it into words... Or really I could, but I'm not sure I can keep your attention long enough to explain it all. It is intriguing to say the least. What did I think it would take to start a clothing line?? Let's not go there! Let's just say it is an exciting journey full of new things every day! I wouldn't change anything about our journey thus far. I have learned so, so much that will hopefully add to our success in the long run.

Some of the "must do's" for starting this line is designing, measuring, confirming, and choosing everything down to the thread color, zipper type, and gsm weight of the fabric. But guess who is rocking it?! Guess who will be able to add "Designer" to the end of "Owner and Operator". Yep, this mama!!!  Go me!! I have to be my biggest supporter and cheerleader to keep myself going. It is not hard work, just more than I thought. But I can and will do it!

Till next time... Stay tuned!



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