In the reality of being a new mom, I soon realized the struggle of balancing work and motherhood. That led me to step away from a career that I loved to create a brand that I'm passionate about.

Now, this brand is more than just products. It's about being there for all those important moments with my son – the first steps, first words, and everything in between. We're not just selling products; we're sharing pieces of our family story through every item we create.

Follow your Dreams

In 2017, without industry mentors or high-profile visibility, we started this journey from the ground up. Designing a plan and gradually putting it into motion, Lucy Lue Organics came to life!

Our path hasn't been a straight line, but every twist has been worth it. With my husband's support, Lucy Lue remains a small family-run business. Through our journey, we aim to inspire others to discover their joy and live with purpose.

We have one goal and that is to grow a successful and purpose-driven business built on love, happiness and family... It's at the heart of everything we do. Taking that leap was a blessing, and your love and support over the years mean the world to us.

Our Core

Our brand was designed to offer you the best in modern organic baby clothing, gifts, and accessories. We set out to make elevated baby essentials using only premium organic cotton. We've intentionally incorporated soft, simple, and sustainable elements in everything we make.

Made to withstand the test of time, each piece in our collections easily transitions through seasons and can be handed down from baby to baby. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of the sweetest memories of your motherhood journey.

Be assured, our clothing is slowly and ethically made in small batches, ensuring only the best for your baby and the Earth.

We invite you to follow along our journey of growth. There's so much to being a wife, mom, and business owner. We often share on Instagram the ups, downs, and all the special moments of Lucy Lue. 

Please check back often to shop, wear and share all of our new styles. 



~Dreams do come true!

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