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Lucy Lue Organics is a U.S. based, family owned and operated small business. As a premiere online baby shop, we exclusively offer Lucy Lue brand products and ship worldwide from Atlanta, GA, USA 🍑! 

Our baby basics are designed to be modern and simple, in mix-and-match gender-neutral colors + styles. Our fabrics are dreamy soft ! We only use GOTS certified organic cotton to make all of our organic cotton baby clothes.

Thank you for stopping by our shop. We appreciate your support!

Our Story

Owning a business has always been a life long dream. After the birth of our son, my perspective on life and family dramatically changed, including my career goals.  I felt deeply in my heart that I wanted to be home to raise my family, instead of continuing to climb the ladder of Corporate America.

I still wanted to contribute to the financial well being of our household. After all, I am a "goal-getter" and that didn't change, even after giving birth! Thinking back on my dream of creating a successful small business, I decided to take the plunge a year or so after our son was born. A wing and a prayer is how our family's journey into entrepreneurship began.

We had no fashion or merchandising experience, yet we didn't allow that to stop us from moving forward. We made a plan, put our plan into action, and little by little is how Lucy Lue Organics came to be! I'm just a Mama who had a dream and decided to go for it!

Although our journey to where we are now has been anything but straight forward, it's all been worth it! With support from my husband, Lucy Lue remains a family operated small business. Through our journey, we hope to inspire others to successfully pursue their dreams-- whatever they may be.

Please check out our blog to read more on the "beginning of a dream". We have one goal and that is to grow a successful and purposeful business built on love, happiness and family... It's at the heart of every thing we do.

Our Core and Values

We are proud to offer a sustainably and ethically produced collection of beautiful, organic baby clothes. Our premium quality baby essentials are simple and timeless in design, and bold and earthy in color. We only use fabrics that are environmentally friendly from seed to seam, farm to factory. Our entire line is the perfect blend of style and comfort! 

Are you wondering why we choose to use organic cotton? We want what's best for your baby and best for the farmers and producers that make our baby clothes. We want to promote eco-friendly baby products that are not harmful to Mother Nature, or your baby's sensitive skin. 

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. We love what we are doing and hope you do too!

Please check back often to shop, wear and share all of our new styles. 


~Dreams do come true!