Overjoyed!! We Received Our Pre-Production Samples!

Overjoyed!! We Received Our Pre-Production Samples!

There are no words to describe this incredible feeling of joy, excitement, "accomplished", etc...! We received our pre-production samples!!

Tears well up in my eyes when I think about how and why we started this business, in comparison to where we are now. My husband and I had no fashion or merchandising experience, yet, we didn't let that stop us from realizing the dream of designing and owning an online clothing shop. We set a goal, made a plan, and went for it.

Now, we are almost at the finish line (website launch), which will be the start of our next journey (running the business).
 Through hard work, hustle, and tears (of joy), we are creating a BRAND and a legacy for our son. We can only hope it will be as successful as the journey thus far in creating it. Never would i have imagined that I would be an owner and designer of a children's clothing company. Me? Little ole' me!!!

I say this to say, dreams do come true! Believe, act, and achieve!

We have made so many sacrifices to get this business off to a great a start. So many late nights to get things done. I am so proud of us and all of our accomplishments thus far. I know only greater is to come! 

Thank you to everyone who has played any part in this journey. We truly appreciate you ❤❤.

We are launching with a limited gender neutral color scheme. BUT, please stay tuned for the exciting colors that will drop with season 2!!🙈 Check out our shop by visiting www.lucylueorganics.com

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