Behind the Seams with LUCY LUE ORGANICS

Behind the Seams with LUCY LUE ORGANICS

*Featured is our wonderful head seamstress sewing our Stone Grey Bodysuits from Season 1*

One snapshot at a time.... A glimpse into the making of Lucy Lue Organics Season 1! 

We hope you appreciate this inside look into the making of our brand. All of our clothes are made in India by a GOTS certified organic clothing manufacturer. And if I must say, they have proven to be THE BEST!!

Our supplier, who I will call K and A, has been so patient with us as newbies to this industry. We've learned so much about the garment making process, with many thanks to them. They've been more than willing to share in detail, the process of making clothes from seed to seam. Never wavering on honesty or transparency. I'm not sure if anyone else would have been as insightful or willing to share their expertise to the degree that K and A have. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and we were united on this new journey of ours. Without them, the wealth of knowledge and insight that we have gained and been privy to, would be far less. What we thought we knew about garment making in parallel to what we now know, is like night and day! You have noooo ideeeeaaaaa!! I can say that this has been such a great experience.

It was no easy feat selecting a manufacturer who would perfectly execute what we wanted in clothing design; whose communication was fast, clear and detailed; who would easily establish a relationship of trust; and whose factory upheld the very standards that workers want and need to be in safe, happy and productive work environments. 

We'd been in contact with numerous suppliers, tested numerous clothing samples, and confirmed a number of certifications. In the end, we selected our supplier after almost a year of searching. And now a year later, we've moved into the production phase of the process and can't wait to launch our website and showcase our clothes to you all!! We are starting with a limited gender neutral color scheme, and will include additional styles and vibrant colors in Season 2! So stay tuned!! If you have a style or color that you would like to see us make, comment below or drop us an email!

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