Daily Motivation Blog: I am a Wife and a Mother. I will not fail at either

Daily Motivation Blog: I am a Wife and a Mother. I will not fail at either

Daily Motivation: I am a wife and a mother. I will not fail at my responsibilities to either. Said like a true #momboss!

Balance. Just what does that mean? It can be quite challenging trying to juggle between my responsibilities as a wife, a mother, and a business owner. All three are important, so prioritizing is what gets us/me through the day. One thing is for certain, I will not fail at either. My husband will always know how much I love and cherish our relationship/friendship and how hard I work at keeping our marriage happy and healthy (the feeling is mutual). Our son will know what it means to work hard, to go after your dreams, and to believe in yourself. I pray he will always put his best foot forward and challenge himself to be the best he can be. Hopefully he won't be a procrastinator like his mom. Every minute or hour possible, I will continue burning the midnight oil for this business. SM posting, emailing, networking, and planning our next collections. Running this business isn't hard, it's just alot.  So balance is key! The j u g g l e is REAL!

My Grandmother laid a great foundation of success for all of us. I do this in her honor. This is the reason why the business is named after her. I know she would be proud. I just wish I could hear her say it.

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