When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen

When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen

Another transparent post! I really do enjoy penning my thoughts for you to read and to hopefully inspire you to follow your dreams.

Most recently, we'd been invited to several follow loops and group chats on Instagram. I must say, we are admiring the encouraging posts of empowerment, Mama's reaching out to rep our brand, and all the loops to help with brand awareness and SM engagement!  

This is how life should be. Each one reach one to help each other out. My how different would the world be if this was a rule, and not an exception... I won't damper this post, just want to THANK all of the Loop Sponsors/Organizers, Influencers, Mama's, Friends and Family who continue to support small shops like ours. We are so very very appreciative of you all.

You see, for us, this shop is not just a business, it's a dream come true. It's hundreds of hours invested, late nights and sacrifices. Personally, I left a dream job to run this dream business. So many uncertainties in such a decision, but the level of support and encouragement that we have been receiving is overwhelming and reassuring. A simple "that's so cute" under one of our product pictures on Instagram brings me to tears. You have no idea the time and effort that went into making each one of the pieces in our Collections. We are doing this ourselves, with no industry help (except our awesome Manufacturing Partner). With hard work and dedication we are making it work. We are progressing!

To our admirers, customers, friends and family, we THANK YOU for following our Social Media pages and for the "likes", product features, DMs, reposts, Insta stories, tags and genuine support of our brand! It really and truly means the world to us as newbies to entrepreneurship.

And with that, I'm signing off! 

Remember this holiday season, or in general, to shop small and shop Lucy Lue Organics. Visit www.lucylueorganics.com today for the best in organic baby clothes.



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