Moving Mountains: Small Business Motivation & Inspiration

Moving Mountains: Small Business Motivation & Inspiration

Ever wondered? I purposely capitalized the M in Mountain because that's how big “it” can feel.

From the day that I first read this quote, I knew I had to share it. Didn't know how I wanted to caption it, just knew it needed to be shared.

We often speak of our journey with @lucylueorganics because we believe it's relatable and hope that it's inspiring. It's still so surreal for us though. We are still proving to ourselves that the impossible (at least in our mind), is possible. 
Our story is a message of strength, triumph, faith, perseverance, family, love, empowerment, and a testament of dreaming, believing, and acting (taking action). We can only hope that you are receiving the positive vibes from our journey!

Think about the Mountain that you may be facing in your life. Have you made a decision to not let anything stop you from moving it? This includes yourself!! You have a purpose and your life has meaning. You are closer than you think to your breakthrough. You can't give up. Not now, not ever. Sure, you may have to reroute at times, maybe even a few times. But, stay focused. For you never know-  the person who you might inspire, just might be yourself. Prove to yourself what you can do. Your story, your journey, just might be the answer to someone else's prayer. 
We will always thank each one of you who supports our business and our vision.

Thank you for making our dream worthwhile. 

Until next time, be light!


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